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food is fabulous....and the fact of the matter is there is nothing i would rather do than go out for delicious delights with my dear dear friends. Sweet, savory and oh so yummy is there really anything more marvelous than spending time with the people you love dining over delectables? ...and so kate's kitchen escapades was born.....this little "ode to food" chronicles my love for eating and the oh so exciting adventure that dining out can be.........so read it, enjoy, eat, drink and be merry... i hope you love it as much as i love sharing it with you..…..

Friday, January 12, 2007

this ain't no ugly duckling

The Swan

Craving the “ultimate” club sandwich we got in my car, put on our big black Jackie O shades and drove non-stop to the home of my favorite version of this classic sammy in the city. Probably one of my very first foodie adventures, I remember a time when queen west west was starbucks free, the vampire club still lived on the corner and my mother would remind me to make sure my car doors were locked when I headed down to this “taboo” ‘hood. Now packed with trendy stores, home to hip loft dwellers and littered with happening art galleries……this area has become quite the see and be seen hot spot for locals and tourist alike…..i am pleased to report though, that this area’s “hipifacation” and popularity has not spoiled the ego of The Swan restaurant. It remains as humble and delicious of a diner as it was the first time I went oh so many years ago…..this far from ugly duckling continues to woo me time and time again. Always busy, the swan was alive with laughter and filled with the sounds cheerful chatter when we walked through the doors. Lucky for us an old fashioned diner booth was sitting empty calling out our names so we plopped down and ordered immediately. I was counting down the minutes to the arrival of my club sandwich and let me tell you….was not disappointed when I took that first oh so tasty bite. Fresh and jam packed with goodness it was a treat for the taste buds and so scrumptious right down to the very last crumb. Worth every minute of the trek, this beautiful bird's inviting atmosphere and mouthwatering menu (stocked full of classics prepared "a la swan") keeps me comming back time and time again!

The Swan
892 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

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