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food is fabulous....and the fact of the matter is there is nothing i would rather do than go out for delicious delights with my dear dear friends. Sweet, savory and oh so yummy is there really anything more marvelous than spending time with the people you love dining over delectables? ...and so kate's kitchen escapades was born.....this little "ode to food" chronicles my love for eating and the oh so exciting adventure that dining out can be.........so read it, enjoy, eat, drink and be merry... i hope you love it as much as i love sharing it with you..…..

Monday, January 22, 2007

always worth waiting for…

Xacutti ( sha-koo-tee)

walk into Xacutti on any given Sunday and be prepared to wait your turn. Populated with brand name denim, designer aviators, and blinding bling, this College Street’s Indian inspired brunch is worth getting dressed up for. Always packed and buzzing, I have on occasion waited up to half an hour for the trendy brunch but let me tell you it is worth every second in line. I woke up this morning and had french toast on the brain….and I am not talking about your traditional French toast but the oh so sinfully and deliciously cheesy version that only Xacutti has made famous. I jumped into my jbrands , grabbed my glasses and headed down to this little lavish breakfast palace. With a surprisingly short wait we were seated and served the banana breakfast smoothie, which cleansed my palate and got my tummy grumbling for more. The cheesy french toast arrived and I was immediately satisfied. Even before taking the first bite I knew that squeezing into my jeans was worth it. Sweet and savory, this dish is the perfect combination of all that is scrumptious and I can’t help but smile as I pour the thick maple syrup all over my plate. Crisp tandoori spiced home fries are the perfectly paired side dish and I am equally as excited for this tasty tater treat. Admittedly I have been for breakfast here more times then I can count and have never ordered anything different. Always a pleasure as I walk out after another delicious breakie, I smile and think to myslef Xacutti is proof that carbs are still king, sometimes jeans win out over sweats and that good meals are always worth waiting for!

503 College Steet
Toronto, ON

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