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food is fabulous....and the fact of the matter is there is nothing i would rather do than go out for delicious delights with my dear dear friends. Sweet, savory and oh so yummy is there really anything more marvelous than spending time with the people you love dining over delectables? ...and so kate's kitchen escapades was born.....this little "ode to food" chronicles my love for eating and the oh so exciting adventure that dining out can be.........so read it, enjoy, eat, drink and be merry... i hope you love it as much as i love sharing it with you..…..

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Toast Restaurant

Cozied up in the quaint, quiet comfy nook on this particular Sunday morning all our troubles melted away and into that space wafted the sweet smelling aromas of Toast (formally Hello Toast), a tasty Leslieville diner frequented by a "chic-ishly" laid back Queen St. East crowd. A cool summer's breeze blew through the big picture window and we smiled knowing that we had snagged the best table in the restaurant. Hungry after the mini trek, we were delighted with the super speedy service and after some careful consideration, tea, lattés, eggs benny and fruit filled French toast (of course how can you go to a restaurant called toast and not try it) were ordered. As we caught up on lost time, we marveled in the eclectic and yet comforting décor at this noted neighborhood nosh. Exposed brick, mismatched chairs and tables, old toasters, and teapots treated our eyes and charmed our souls. Cute and kitschy the oh so sweet little restaurant was the perfect place for this hungry pair. Within no time huge portions filled our tiny table...fabulously fluffy stuffed French toast oozing with goodness, eggs benny cooked just so and an array of scrumptious sides more then satisfied our grumbling tummies. The type of place where time stands still and hours can pass you by all cozied up in the corner, a calmness fell over the table, and as we realized we had no place to be we got comfy, raised our coffee cups and toasted to an oh so sweetly slow Sunday afternoon.

Toast Restaurant
993 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON

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