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food is fabulous....and the fact of the matter is there is nothing i would rather do than go out for delicious delights with my dear dear friends. Sweet, savory and oh so yummy is there really anything more marvelous than spending time with the people you love dining over delectables? ...and so kate's kitchen escapades was born.....this little "ode to food" chronicles my love for eating and the oh so exciting adventure that dining out can be.........so read it, enjoy, eat, drink and be merry... i hope you love it as much as i love sharing it with you..…..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

The true tale of triumph in a time of turmoil

Ok so we all know that Mildred Pierces pancakes were PRIMO… the crème de la crème in the city, people traveled far and wide and even stood in line for hours just to have a taste of these tremendous breakfast treats… One sad sad day a few years back, our blessed Mildred gracefully bowed out of the restaurant world and as she shut her doors, instantly the cities pancake stock plummeted and our pallets lost a true treasure.. … oh how we longed for a decent fluffy breakfast delight that wasn’t dense, mealy, over cooked… we scoured Toronto from tip to tip but nothing seemed to compare to MP’s famous flapjacks… and alas after much searching we surrendered to the notion that the precious pancakes of yesteryear were no longer…. A tear was shed and although other brunch delights were able to fill this void, in our heart of hearts we knew we had suffered a great loss…. Flash forward to a time of financial turmoil and uncertainty.. a time where things that we know are no longer and our depressing daily conversations revolve around our crumbling economy…. And then there.. like a burst of light… rising from the ashes.. resilient Mildred makes a triumph return… Pancake in hand… and just like that we are reminded that things can be good again. The spectacularly stunning Liberty Village restaurant is breathtaking. Its open concept space sparkles with personality and poise. The food oh so fabulous speaks for itself…… and the pancakes… perfection…..just like I remembered….. and as I sat here on this particular Sunday morning I scooped up the syrupy soaked last spoonful and I smiled… the strings that once tugged at my heart had been untied and I was overcome with a feeling of hope. Mildred’s Second coming reminded me that we appreciate things much more when they are gone and that if we can just hang on through the pancakeless years and enjoy the things that we do have… eventually life will be sweet once again!

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Avenue
Toronto, ON


Anonymous said...

This is such a precious and positive blog. I love it! Thank-you for your way of writing about the exquisite moments that can be had in a toronto restaurant. Miss the city terribly but will live vicariously through your meals. Have you tried Boom for breakfast, they have a wonderful smoothie, something about a blueberry bee. Can't wait to read about it!

Anonymous said...

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