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food is fabulous....and the fact of the matter is there is nothing i would rather do than go out for delicious delights with my dear dear friends. Sweet, savory and oh so yummy is there really anything more marvelous than spending time with the people you love dining over delectables? ...and so kate's kitchen escapades was born.....this little "ode to food" chronicles my love for eating and the oh so exciting adventure that dining out can be.........so read it, enjoy, eat, drink and be merry... i hope you love it as much as i love sharing it with you..…..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Harbord Room

p r e t t y * i n * p i n k

Without a reservation we waltzed into the small yet spectacular salmon colored space. Fully booked with no table to spare, we happily seated ourselves along the rustic wooden bar and with bellys rumbling were ready to review the small yet scrumptious menu. With only a few appetizers and mains to choose from we quickly selected several to share and as we waited for our plates to be prepped, peeked around the petite pink room. Tall marble toped tables with leather upholstered chairs lined the latter half of the restaurant while low lying tables and leather banquets lingered along the front. Our food arrived...and my senses were delighted. Starting with the chorizo, calamari and clam appetizer i was in awe. Stewed in a chunky sweet tomato and basil sauce each bite was blissful and tantalized my taste-buds. The burger was beautiful, grand in presentation and oh so gourmet. Dressed up with sharp cheddar, a side of fries and the freshest of fixings this classic was a crowd pleaser. The lamb leg was luscious. Lovely in appearance, cooked to perfection and oh so palatable...not a single piece remained on my plate. Although oh so satisfied with the savory...if you know me a sweet was a must. The infamous baked to order chocolate caked with caramelized bananas and peanut brittle was in a word BRILLIANT. In one swift swoop i edged out the other spoon and without hesitation scooped up the sinfully sweet last bite....i was in bliss...a perfect meal, with people i love in a little pink palace...for a princess like me it was paradise.

The Harbord Room
89 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON

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